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Hey! My name is Mallvin!

I have been powerlifting/ strength training for slightly more than a year now. I have acquired a myriad of knowledge by learning from my coach,online research and trial and error.I also have had the splendid opportunity to talk to many other powerlifters who share the same passion as i do. I hope to be able to share this knowledge with you and help you to reach your goals physically and mentally strength and aesthetic wise.

My goal with this website

They are contradicting information all over the internet and through word of mouth. You may hear or read something from a source but hear the completly opposite somewhere else. I want to provide you with concise, reasearch backed inforamtion. A year ago before i started, i was the fattest kid in class. I was lazy and ate whatever i wanted whenever i wanted to.I didn't even realise how unhealthy and sedentary i was. But one day it struck me that i wanted to make a change for the better. I wanted to change my lifestyle and find more meaning to life. When i first started out, i didn't know where to begin. I was hopping from website to website in search for answers on what is the first step to take or how to even begin. One source says this but the other says otherwise. They both contradtict one another. I began following simple programmes from websites at my school's gym. The first week was intimidating. Just the throughout of going to the gym was frightening. When i first got there i was lost by the myriad of machines. I saw people who were jacked in all places everywhere. I just stayed in my head and focused on what had to be done. To my surprise, the people there were very friendly and even offered me help. I learnt from them and from the resources available online. After much searching, i found out how about 70% of the information available online was false. I decided to embark on my journey to do my own research on science studies and reports on training and nutrition. I've also been training at a local powerlifting gym here in Singapore for about close to a year where many of the Singapore national atheletes train. I have had the opportunity to learn from them and grow. I would never in the past thought that i would ever be able to achieve and grow to this extent as i was fated to be fat and lazy and my "poor genetics" wouldn't allow me to look the best i could. I hope to help everyone of you grow as much as i have!